Moments that break you


I came home from a long day and went through the mail. An envelope from Wings was in the stack.  I assumed it was another booklet on “how to survive the holidays”, but it was their annual magazine. I flipped through and a few pages in, I came across a photo of my precious little girl.  One of the social workers from Wings was putting Zoey’s footprints in one of our favorite books.  At first I was excited to see her story included. And then it hit me. That’s all I get. A story of a beautiful life that was.  My daughter in the past.  My daughter in a magazine dedicated to dying children.  I’ll tell her story a million times if I can, but it will always be in the past tense.  I won’t see her name in her kindergarten program.  Or in the school paper for making the honor roll.  Her wedding announcement.  Turns out I didn’t need another booklet on how to survive the holidays. I needed one on how to survive today.

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