120 Days


Our beautiful baby girl lived for 120 days.  She died just shy of her 4month birthday.

One hundred and twenty days ago we welcomed our sweet boy, Sebastian.  In a few days, he will turn four months.  And the day after that, he will “officially” be ours with the finalization of his adoption.

There are similarities between our time with Zoey and our time with Sebastian.  Long, sleepless nights.  Constant worry.  A million checks to see if that sweet, napping baby is breathing.  And all the sweet moments.  Covering them in kisses.  Looking into their beautiful eyes and telling them how endless our love is.

And though our love for both our children is the same, the passage of time feels very different.  We appreciate and soak in as much time with Sebastian as we can.  We savor his sweet little smiles and his attempts at laughing (currently more of a squawk).  But we knew Zoey would be leaving us.  We spent 120 days knowing each moment could be our last.

Sebastian has been a much-needed light in our lives.  We are ever grateful for this beautiful gift.  But just as time does not heal all wounds, neither does the arrival of our son.  We still ache for our girl.  We miss her every moment.  The dance between grief and joy continues on this Valentine’s Day.

We love you, Zoey.  And we love you, Sebastian.