Day 23: Inspiration

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Inspiration: “A person, place, experience, etc… that makes someone want to do something”

The definition leaves much room for exploration.  I’ll start with “place”. The ocean inspires me: to explore, to wonder what else is out there, to realize I’m so very small in a world so large. It inspires me to find peace.

I’m inspired by my mom and grandma. They’ve both lost so much in their lives. Dealt with hardships.  They continue to love, to give their hearts away even with their intimate knowledge of loss. They weren’t handed beautiful lives: they created them.

I’m inspired by the moms that have walked this road before me. They make their lives purposeful.  They fight every day to find meaning. They risk so much to reach out to others. They give their children a voice.  And give other women hope.

I’m inspired by my daughter and by the experience of being her mom. I may never publish a book or start a foundation, but she will impact me every day for the rest of my life. I will be a better person because I’m Zoey’s mom. She gives me strength and helps me find the words to share our story. She gives me the courage to speak.  She taught me to love more deeply. Protect more fiercely. Believe in more than what you can see.   I’m inspired by her beauty– and not just the beauty on the outside, but the beauty that radiates from within. I may never know what her favorite color would have been or if she’d prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream, but I looked into those blue eyes and knew her.  And knew she had a purpose greater than what I could ever comprehend.  I saw her heart. Her soul.  And she inspires me to fight for a beautiful life too.

Waymire, Dawn 08162014 (33)b

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