Empathy Fatigue

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I’d like to talk about empathy for a minute.  Or more specifically, empathy burnout.  With so many headlines invading our news feeds about injured, suffering, and dying children it is easy to get fatigued.  Personally, this last week has left me exhausted.  In fact, the last year or so has overflowed my empathy tank.  I can hear the cries of children missing their moms and I can feel the wail of a mom missing her baby.  It can be overwhelming, especially to those who have lost a child, to read about another shooting or death of a child.  Because you know that in a few hours another mom and dad will answer the phone to have their heart shattered.  You’ve answered that call.  And you know their hearts, like yours, will forever be broken.

So what do we do?  Do we turn it all off and just go search recipes on Pinterest?  Honestly, I think it is ok if we all take a little retreat now and then.  I definitely need to limit my intake to protect my fragile heart.  I think we can all retreat for a moment to take care of our families and take care of ourselves.  If you’re a parent, focus on raising kind, loving, emphatic and compassionate children so they can help make a difference in this broken world.

And when you’re ready, come back to the fight.  Even if that just means showing the world that broken is still beautiful.  That shattered hearts still have value.  And that love still wins.

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