59Four years ago we anxiously awaited the moment our baby girl would arrive.  I think back to the operating room.  Saying it was surreal does not do it justice.  Before that moment, I never even entertained the idea that I’d have a C-section.  Maybe that kept me from being scared while it happened (actually, I’ll admit that the anesthesiologist hovering over me the entire time was a little nerve-wracking!)   My focus was on our little girl, though.  Would she live through the surgery?  Would she live long enough for me to hold her and to tell her how much I loved her?

She did.

I was blessed with a beautiful little soul that day four years ago.  And today was for celebrating that precious life.  Today we celebrated the sweet little coo she’d make when content, the way she’d scrunch her forehead when upset or curious, and the little clenched fist that she’d throw in the air when hungry. We remembered the way she smelled after a bath and the way her hair would get so fluffy.  We looked back on the quiet moments, nestled in our chair with her kitty at my feet.  We celebrated everything that made us a normal little family for as long as we could be.

I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday today, my sweet girl.   I wish I could wrap my arms around you and smother you with birthday kisses.  I love you.9


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