Capture Your Grief: Day 27. Self Portrait

self portrait

My daughter’s life changed me.  My daughter’s death changed me.  They walk hand in hand.  I don’t think you can become a mom without a shift.  And you can’t give that child back without an even bigger one.  But at this moment, I think I am who I need to be. I’m where I need to be on this journey.  I am trying to give myself a little grace and a little space for the changes I don’t like.  For the anxiety and fear.  For being scattered.  Because not all of the changes have been bad.  And the truth is, I feel like the core of who I am is the same.  I think I am more compassionate. I understand empathy more fully.  I think I am more grounded. I have a perspective on life that some may lack.  I am more resilient.  And I still believe that love is stronger than everything else.

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