Capture Your Grief: Day 25. Earth Remembrance


At Zoey’s memorial service, we gave out seed paper.  I planted mine, but had little luck.  But my friend and her daughter planted theirs, and it actually grew.  I was so excited—they are a very special part of Zoey’s life and I loved that they were able to grow a little reminder of her.  I have seeds to the spider plants that remind me of my great-grandmother and I intend to plant those to see if I have better luck.  It’s the same flower we stumbled on at the park we took Zoey to (and where we had our maternity photos taken). Pumpkins always remind me of my dad so I often plant pumpkin seeds.  The year we found out I was pregnant; one tiny pumpkin grew on the vine.  I love that I see Zoey, my dad and the others in nature. I can feel their presence.  And I love that others see them too—that I get pictures from friends and family of sunsets that make them think of Zoey.  It gives us a little piece of them here with us.



FullSizeRender (10)
Zoey’s flowers in Florida.

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