Evangeline Grace

every life

Once again I find myself at a loss for the proper words.  What do you say when the world makes no sense?  Just as I said when Zoey left us, the world seems a little darker, but the heavens are brighter.  Baby Evangeline passed away.  I was blessed to meet her and got to touch her gorgeous little face.  A soul sent to us only for a short time, but no less beautiful.

I hope Zoey was there to greet her at heaven’s door.  That Zoey and Hattie and Allison and Natalie and all the other babies play together now.  I hope they are showing Evey where to get the best ice cream. And which clouds are the most fun to bounce around.

I know her mom and dad’s path won’t be easy. They’ve joined the crappiest club ever.  I’d say “welcome” but let’s be honest—nobody wants to be a part of this and I wish they weren’t members.  We don’t have a secret handshake—our hands are too full of Kleenex.  But I want them to know they are not alone on this path.  And that whatever they are feeling, someone else has been there.  They aren’t crazy.  We’ve had those thoughts too.  And we’re here– ready with a hug or a punching bag.

I hope they look for the signs their little one will send—whether they come in the form of butterflies or purple dots in pictures, pennies or hidden Mickey’s.  And I hope their heart smiles when they see them.

To Evey’s mom and dad: I know the pain is immense.  I know it is overwhelming and ugly.  But I also know you don’t regret having her.  Our little ones are worth it.  Thank you for letting me spend a few precious moments with her.  My life is richer for having met her.  All my love to you.

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