We have this hope…


Tonight my thoughts and prayers are with a new friend.  While we’ve never met in person, we’re bound by a common thread.  We share a path that only those in similar situations can truly understand.  Her daughter was also diagnosed with Trisomy 18.  She will be induced tomorrow.  I slip back to that time in our lives easily.  The reluctance to set a date for induction because of all the implications that brings.  Teetering between the anticipation of meeting your child and the intense fear of the unknown.  Wanting so desperately to keep her in where you think she’s safe while needing to touch her face.  As you know we used the symbol of anchors for Zoey—a symbol of hope.  Our hopes changed for her so often throughout my pregnancy and her life.  Hope she’d make it to a live birth.  Hope the doctors were wrong. Hope she wouldn’t need extreme measures to keep her alive.  Hope there were decisions we wouldn’t have to make.  Hope we’d have her one more day.  Hope that she’s somewhere beautiful now.  So tonight as my sweet friend waits to meet her precious daughter, I hope she finds strength.  I hope she’s able to see the beauty in every moment.  Hope she has the same intense love for her daughter as we have for Zoey—because it’s worth it.  Hope for one more day.  And I hope tonight you can send her family and their sweet baby all the love you’ve sent us.

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure”

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