Day 2: Who They Are


Zoey Tamsyn Waymire

Born May 1, 2014

Lived 120 days.






Honorary niece to some lovely “aunties”

Favorite patient of some pretty amazing nurses

The light and joy of my life.  The person I love the most. The person I miss the most.  Tiny human with the most beautiful eyes.  Baby girl filled with wonder.  The little girl who would throw her fist in the air, and scrunch her forehead.  Who made the sweetest baby noises. And who hated bath time.  But loved cuddling.

I picture her often, but I have a hard time imagining what she’d look like by now.  Would she look more like Joe?  Or me?  Would those beautiful eyes stayed just as blue?  Would her little feet always have been soft as bunnies? Yet I see her in the little girls we pass at the zoo, at the grocery store.

I think of her little personality starting to show.  I think she’d be sweet, but mischievous.  Giggly.  She’d like princesses.  But would be trying to kick a soccer ball.  She’d have a crayon in hand scribbling artwork everywhere.  And I hope she’d still love cuddling with her mommy.

She will always be my daughter. I will always ache for her. I will always want to say her name. I will always wish she was next to me.  But she will always be mine. And I will always be thankful for the time I spent with her.  I will always be grateful that I am Zoey’s mom.



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