Baby feet

Waymire, Dawn 08162014 (37)b

On the way into work, the radio was airing a story on touch.  One of the senses people often forget about and may not realize is so important.  And I began to cry.  The memory of my daughter’s soft little bunny feet.  I could have rubbed my fingers against the bottom of her feet for hours.  Sometimes I did. It seems that everyone who met her and touched those little feet said the same thing.  So soft.

I felt that familiar ache.  The one where I swear my heart is actually in pieces.  The one where just for a heartbeat I can feel her again.

Her weight against my chest.

Her breath on my skin.

The tickle of her hair.

Her tiny fingers wrapped around mine.

One thought on “Baby feet

  1. Touch is one of the most important senses. It’s the one that Zoey needed the most… To be held, rubbed and snuggled. She felt the love you, Joe, and anyone, who had the honor to know and spend time with her, provided for her. One of the books I read to Haley was “Mommy Loves Me”. It starts off, ” Mommy’s hands safe and strong. Mommy’s touch warm all day long.” You will always remember how her skin felt, how it felt to have her snuggled on your chest, and how she responded to your loving touch!


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