Capture Your Grief: Day 11. Glow in the Woods


Trisomy 18.  Had you ever heard of it before learning about our journey?  I hadn’t.  I’d probably run across it when reading about genetic testing early in my pregnancy. I’m almost sure they mentioned it in passing during our pre-testing conversations, but I didn’t really know about it.  And then.  Then I quickly learned more about it than I ever wanted to know.  But we were alone.  It was something nobody I knew had ever experienced. Nothing like this.  When word got out, a friend of mine said he knew someone.  Knew someone who had recently lost their little girl to Trisomy 18.  And that she’d be open to talking to us.  And just as suddenly as we found ourselves lost in a dark wood that we didn’t understand, we saw a glow. Joe was terrified to meet them.  I didn’t feel that way—somehow I just knew it would work out.  And sure enough, when we met them in that dark wood, they held out a light to us and have walked with us ever since.  Along the way, we’ve come across some others wandering in the woods and we walk with them too.  It’s the stupidest club.  We’re the worst.  But I am so grateful for their love and support.  And inappropriate jokes.  And them letting us know that it’s ok to laugh.  And to cry.  And to eat brownies.

SubstandardFullSizeRender (2)

Websites I’ve found helpful: (where I get the prompts for the Capture Your Grief project)

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