Join Zoey’s Crew!

Zoey's crew

I thought after everything that has happened, that after losing my daughter, I would be numb to any other pain.  Turns out that is not the case.  This morning I went downstairs to feed the cats and found Kiki, my companion of more than 15 years, dead.  And it hurt.  Instead of being numb today, I am just exhausted.

Thankfully I’ve had something to focus some of my attention on and continue to do so today.  I’ve been training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February and working on a t-shirt design for those that would like to show their support and help honor Zoey.  And since I am blessed with amazing friends (even though I doubt their sanity at times), a “virtual” walk/run has also been organized.  Please see the link for more information and the order form for t-shirts and medals.

Zoey’s Crew Order form

Thank you all for your continued words of encouragement, support and love.


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